What the Judge Sees-Lecture with questions from audience


NQA Certified Quilt Judge, Jennifer Perkins, will comment on what a judge looks for in a quilt and why one quilt is selected over another as the winner. She will also let you in on little judging secrets to help your next quilt be a ribbon winner. The lecture can be combined with a trunk show for guilds within driving distance, or those willing to pay the shipping for two large suitcases of quilts.


Quilt Appraisals: What are they and why should I have one?


AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, Jennifer Perkins, will lead you through the need for a quilt appraisal, what that involves, the various kinds of appraisals and the uses for each one. The guild can combine the 25 minute lecture with a trunk show of my quilts, or can bring their own antique quilts for dating and comments.


Class Proposals


Quilt Restoration Class-1/2 Day


Do you have a new or vintage quilt with damage? Would you like to learn how to clean, repair, display and store your new and antique quilts? Want to learn what to do with old quilt tops and blocks? Find out the secret for making repairs visually disappear in a quilt. Find the answers to your personal questions from a professional in quilt restoration and author of the magazine articles “Top Ten Tips for Fixing Grandma’s Quilt” and “Top Ten Tips for Fixing Grandma’s Scrap Quilt”. Bring along your damaged quilts, tops and blocks for personal advice. Bring supplies for note-taking.


( I have taught this class at the Minnesota Quilt show-filled twice, and the NQA show-filled+. It is a great class for large shows as no supplies are needed, and there is a big interest in fixing quilts and how to do it correctly.)


Fabric and Quilt Dating-1/2 Day


(The Quilt Restoration class is ½ day, but could be turned into a full day class by doing a Fabric and Quilt Dating class the other ½ day. They could be listed separately as two classes or together as one class.)

Learn how to date fabric and quilts from actual fabric samples and quilts. Find out what events changed fabric and quilt styles through the years.


Unique T-Shirt Quilt Class-1/2 Day


Use a grid system and graph paper to make a Unique T-Shirt Quilt which accommodates shirt decals of many different sizes. Each quilt is a unique pattern! Easy to learn. This is a demonstration class with a detailed handout-no sewing supplies needed. See photos below.


Professional Fees:
3 hour classes are $350
6 hour classes are $600
Lectures and/or trunk shows (1 hour) are $350.
Standard mileage rates plus, room and board expected where applicable


T-Shirts for Quilting Class


T-Shirts for Quilting Class



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Golden Memories of an 1840's Quilt